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Default Re: Internet interuption by ETs?

[SIZE="3"]Thanks for your responses. The clicking was so variable in quality; it sounded like language to me from something biological in nature. Although it's good to know that about ham radios. I'm not ruling that out. I'll know if I ever hear anything like it again. Augh, reptilian. That doesn't sound good. I'm not sure about that reverse speech stuff either; not something I'm interested in getting into.

I guess I'll come clean about my other recent experience. I was doing a meditation at the Wingmakers site and I sensed a being off my right shoulder. She had the large head with a short pointed chin. She had large green eyes, like cat eyes. She was just curious and there to observe. She wasn't tangible; I couldn't reach over and touch her. I just somehow knew she was there./SIZE]
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