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Default Re: Red Letter Church

Thank-you no caste and RedeZra for all of your interest and wisdom. It's been a wild ride...hasn't it? I am sort of shutting down with the shutdown of Avalon. I have no plans for any forum participation. I'm an unbalanced heretic and hypocrite...and I think I've done enough damage...for this lifetime anyway. The following may sound corny...but I just can't resist. It is theatrical...but mostly genuine. I really don't think that the Gods and Goddesses like me...big G or little g...which may be just as well. Hell...I don't even like myself. It's been fun...sort of...but now it's over.

My God! My God! Why Have I Forsaken Thee?

I Pray That You Will Understand That I Attempted to Give You What You Needed...Rather Than What You Wanted.

It Is Finished!

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