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Default Re: Red Letter Church

hi ortho - As this forum comes to close, I want to say thanks for all your posts. I learned a lot from you and, also, was dismayed to see some of your video links disappeared, difficult to refer back to, e.g. LBJ's mistress. Please visit my message board here It's a bit of a work-in-progress, subject to change without notice, same for my user name. Also, I'm kind of interested in Jordan Maxwell, have just followed him a bit so far, not so keen on davidwhathisnamekosmos. (You can carry over text if you want, not sure what the MB storage is, can check, if necessary.)

btw - I have sat beside students in Religious Studies classes, who came in with a fist full of Christian beliefs, though I had few. Usually, they transferred to a seminary or more fitting Christian college. Faith is hard to deconstruct - AND! I did a lot of hermeneutics. << very tough!

You are welcome to post anytime (as is anyone!)
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