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Default Re: Red Letter Church

I once told someone that Jesus was a Jew, and he became very upset! I don't know what his religious background was! Jesus is not a neutral figure!

Do Jews have a problem with Jesus? I really don't think that Jews have a problem with Jesus, provided that they are the ones to interpret his life and teachings! Jesus is one of their own! Jesus was a Torah studying, Sabbath keeping Jew! He came upon the Jewish religious scene promoting a simplified, non-ritual, non-corrupt Judaism! Essential Judaism! Jesus was to Judaism what Luther was to Catholicism! Reformers walk a perilous road! They tend to make people mad! can't blame the reformers or organized religion! The reformers see the need for positive change, but organized religion does not want to be told what to do...they are the ones who will do the instructing...thank-you very much!!

Do Jews have a problem with Christianity? How would you feel if someone called you a "Christ-killer?!" I wouldn't like it! It would hurt! But that is exactly what Jewish people have been called by some Christians! I really think that Jews have a huge problem with Christianity! What Christianity teaches is very different from what Christ taught! The character of Christ is very different from the character of most Christians! Hence, the Jewish rejection of Christianity is not necessarily a rejection of Christ! Did I see someone pick up a stone?! Shame on you!

Do Christians have a problem with Jews? Most definitely! Christians accuse Jews of being spiritually blind by not accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! Christians are troubled that Jews do not accept the New Testament! Some Christians want to take over Jerusalem, and make it the headquarters of a world-wide Christian Theocracy! Jews stand in the way! How would you feel about all of this if you were Jewish?!

Do Christians have a problem with Jesus? Christians don't have a problem with the name of Jesus or Christian theology! Christians have a huge problem with the Teachings of Jesus! The Church of Christ is at war with the Teachings of Christ! How did this happen? Why has this been allowed to go on for 2,000 years?! Why does no one seem to notice or care? Christianity needs to repent, and make the Teachings of Jesus first and foremost!

The Teachings of Jesus need to be the Christian Constitution! The Teachings of Jesus, may I very humbly suggest, should also be the Jewish Constitution! Choose you this day who you will serve! Where did all of these angry people come from! Put those pitch-forks down!!
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