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Default Re: Red Letter Church

As a teen, in 1975, in a hangar at the Hollywood-Burbank Airport, I recall watching and listening to Ronald Reagan state his intention to seek the presidency of the United States! I still have a copy of this speech, intended for the press! President Ronald Wilson Reagan invigorated both Democrats and Republicans with a message of freedom and limited government! Remember the “Reagan Democrats?” Here is what Ronald Reagan had to say about freedom and government, “…man is not free unless government is limited. There's a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts.”

Americans have been conditioned to believe that democracy equals freedom! But democracy means majority rule, and may be antagonistic to freedom! A republic protects pre-existing rights! Our founding fathers clearly understood this, as is revealed in the Constitution and the Federalist Papers! Democracy is not mentioned in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution! Our form of government is a republic, not a democracy!

Freedom is freedom from government coercion! Our founding fathers created the least coercive government in history! The Constitution provides for a limited, decentralized government to primarily engage in foreign diplomatic relations, to secure national boundaries, and to provide a military defense of these boundaries! In other deal with threats from without! The states were given the responsibility of primarily protecting individuals against criminal deal with threats from within! Uniquely, our government was created to protect the rights, liberties, and property of its citizens! The founding fathers believed that a democracy could quickly degenerate into tyranny!

According to the Constitution, redistribution of wealth is none of the government's business! Hands off! Well meaning liberals support taking money from one person and giving it to another through taxation! If it’s not voluntary…it‘s stealing! Liberals believe in a God-like government which exists to create heaven on earth! This creates a hell of a mess! Liberals once defended civil, political, and economic liberties! What happened?!

Conservatives seek national greatness through all-powerful military and industrial strength! This creates a complex problem! Neo-conservatives are eager to create a one-world police state! Is this assessment inaccurate and unfair? Our military is in 130 countries! We are spending trillions of dollars overseas to violently promote democracy! Do the math!

A theocracy is a democracy on steroids! No freedom here! Believe and do what the state-church says God says...or face persecution...including death! The Teachings of Jesus reveal a minimalist, decentralized religion! Certainly not a monolithic, dogmatic, dictatorial, arrogant union of Christ-less Churchianity with a New World Order!

America is a republic, not a democracy! We need to remember that the Constitution places limits on government that no majority can overrule! Both liberals and conservatives have forgotten this! Conveniently?! No…they wouldn’t do that…would they?!
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