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Unhappy Something mentally & spiritually attacking my cousin?

Not sure if this is the appropriate place for such a topic, but here it is:

In the past hour my very young cousin started to be scared by some thoughts that just entered his mind. We were just doing something, and he said, "Isn't this wrong?Won't we go to hell for it?" Now my cousin never talks about things like this, and he seemed to be both concerned and scared by it. I told him what I believe, trying to be kind, compassionate, and understanding, but he gradually got so disturbed that he started crying. I don't think it was what I said that scared him, but something else. He started to just be asking everything he could about death and said he was so afraid of it. I started to think that something was trying to influence his thoughts and emotion. I have a friend who can see things (angels,demons, etc.) and he said that weeks before he saw a demon in my room, though it was pointing at my brother. Not sure if that is it, though. Anyway, I asked him if he felt like he HAD to study the bible, go to church, and be religious, he said, "oh, yes! yes, I just HAVE to!" He was so disturbed that he went to his parent's house.

I just can't imagine an angel or any benevolent being doing this to a person to show them the right path. Do you know anything about this? It would really help

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