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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Originally Posted by Jack View Post
Hey man, well im pretty sure that the first step in clearing this place up would be for people to realise that this forum is currently RIFE with disinformation agents who have made their way through the cracks at an opportune moment to reinforce the state of disharmony.

People would want to start speaking up before this forum becomes a carbon copy of the real world.
hey Jack, thanks for stepping up around here, both with the chemtrails thread and now with this one. i am right there with you on this post, there are deffinitely a lot of people here carefully seeding bad information and instigating arguments trying to get people to pick sides. i'm not sure what to do exactly so i've just been observing it all. it's a sad thing to see. i dont understand the move to make an 'avalon 2' as i imagine that's exactly what the infiltrators around here want.
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