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Default A friend contactee with an Alien writing, some help please!

Hi all.

If you know me, you know that I think that all the "alien" (media induced term) are the same angels and demons of the ancient (in the cases of demons, they disguised like "new age" good aliens like pleyadians, andromedians, cassiopeans, and so on to adoctrinate the contactee and other things) times and many times the high sorcerors create gates to make those beings to come to the earth, because they are Interdimenssional.


But now, with a humble attitude, haha I ask for your help.


A frien of mine is a contactee (I say to him the same things that I thing about the contactees) and the "aliens" (scammer demons to me, because I know just One case of a contactee contacting with positive enities) give him a writing.

The ask is this: do you know how to, ultimately, read those lenguages?

Any page with some information, some book, some similar cases of contactees, something?

Hahahaha that is, jajajaja

Easy quest, hahahahaha

If any of you know something can answer something???'


Cheers! hahahaha
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