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Default Re: To: Bill Ryan concerning Henry Deacon

I completely understand Mr. Deacon's and other Whistleblowers point of view where they have, IMO, come to this forum to only assist in present and future preparations in what is to come. I dont think that they thought to be asked multiple questions on their "personal stories", but to just be here and join with us on Project Avalon's original intended purpose.
I too have as many questions for these brave gentleman and hoped it would come to this but as we are all awake, we all still seem to further demand more proof then they've already given us many other places before. We've seemed to have lost Mr.Lear because of this, though I pray he is well and will come back. Can we not allow these gentleman to bring forth anymore to us at their own "freewill" or hopefully through further planned interviews with Bill and Kerry to seek the knowledge we ask.

Just my opinion, but I believe since now seeing this latest from Mr. Deacon of regaining our intended focus, that my thoughts may be correct.

Light and love to all our whistleblowers and strength to them and us as we make our way through this wonderful place called Avalon.

Regards and Blessings,
Soul Sequence
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