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Default Re: Pope Instructs His Flock To Embrace Their Alien Brothers and Sisters

Originally Posted by Mizar View Post
The Catholic Church has always been very big on Astronomy, quietly supporting the very people they discredited publicy.
Try go get a copy of " The Sun in the Church" by J. L. Heilbron, for a good history of how much effort and money went into Church sponsored Astronomy.

The Catholic Church was consulted , according to some sources , by the President of the US after the Roswell incident . Now the fact that the church elites has been active accomplices in keeping the UFO secret for 60 years from mankind , discredits totally and forever that organization .
Nobody should take any notices of those religious conmem and fraudsters .
Thinking also about the possibility that those religious fraudsters had had access to the looking glass tecnology . The mind boogles at the deception of those traitors .
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