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Default Definitely life changing!

I've decided to do this post to introduce myself and what I am about.

Before I continue I would like to say that I am very impressed with all the
effort you guys are putting into all of this (most of you without any credible evidence that any of this is even real).

I am one of the privileged few to know from experience that extraterrestrials
are here (NO, I've never been abducted. My experience was very different).

The ETs I know that are here aren't the greys or reptilians that people talk about and I don't think they are nordics either since Nordics are described as having blue eyes, blonde hair and human appearance (with nothing being mentioned about the facial features that I found prominent).
In fact, I've never seen anyone on the internet describe the aliens that I know about.

I'm hoping to find someone who KNOWs of ETs other than the typical little green men (greys) that everyone keeps babbling about.

If you do please PM me. I know that anyone(like myself) who had such an experience would seek out others.

I`m not willing to PUBLICLY post what I know about the ETs because it's all I got (my 1 little experience).

I promise I would respond to private questions though, or even just someone who KNOWS about ETs on our planet and would like to reach out.

That's it for know and sorry for not being too verbose.
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