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Thumbs up Re: Looking for professional advise for buying land.

Hi Ype, just read your request for professional advise for buying land.
I am from Holland too and, to be honest, I am not experienced in buying land.
I would like to live in nature though, to make a living.
Friends of mine own land in the South of France and some are dreaming of living off the land and I have a practical advise regarding survival skills. There's an organisation called Kamana, teaching the North American Indian way of life, offering lessons all over the world. Tom Brown is a writer of books, titled "Grandfather" and "The Tracker" and "The Vision" His father is the founder of Kamana. The English organisation Bushcraft is a branch. Besides, if you're interested in setting up a Mongolian tent, I have a book that explains how to make and build one. The man who wrote the book is Dutch and his name is Froit van der Harst. You can find him on Verder ken ik Hans Roverts, die bouwt aan een ruine in Frankrijk. Kijk maar eens op
Good luck!
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