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Earlier in the year I was introduced to Camelot by a friend who'd now relocated to Canada. Not much activities here that I can speak of in regards to community building and so forth, because understandably, people are completely immersed in the world of finance, and anything else are considered secondary. I fear for the 7 million people here should anything happen, because the situation is so different from other Chinese cities, where communities are possible. I could offer my assumption as to why this is the case, but at this point I have no authority whatsoever on the topic, save the fact that the Li family calls this city home, and this family is closely tided to world's elite through the oil industry and other areas in the financial world. I most likely would be moving to Beijing by the end of the year, by then it will probably be a totally different environment and should I be able to find out any connection up there, I'll most definitely post to this forum.

Best to all of you.
Hi Repa,

Please join us in the HK UFO club. We are aware of what is going on, and welcomes your participation.

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