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Default Re: Switerland Contact

Hi Again Peeps,

Is there anyone in the UK or surrounding countries that is aware and what I mean is really informed about the coming financial crisis that has stuck Bulgaria, Latvia Greece and Iceland. I would like to make contact with anyone (in the above-mentioned areas) that shares my very grave concerns of the quickening western financial melt down.

This will begin in mid Feb with the forecasted Banking Holiday or perhaps the collapse/run of 2 to 3 hundred US Banks. This coupled with the new bills in the US Senate about to be passed as we speak (Google and find out the sponsors)

1. To Ban All Persons in the US (apart from the services and agencies) the right to bear Arms.

2. To implement the use of 100ís of newly built FEMA/Concentration camps to incarcerate the US citizens in times of insurrection/emergencies.

This is happening and is coming to a place near you very very soon. For me this is the only thing I am concentrating on. I am looking to make contact with like-minded ground crew members as I mentioned who share my thoughts about the impending manufactured calamity.

We may have to move to a position of safety and we most likely will have to be ready and move quickly before borders are closed.

Also in the UK under the Anti-Terrorisms Laws a bill was passed 3yrs ago permitting the Armed Services to drop Neutron Bombs on the citizens in times of insurrection (I recommend people look up what a neutron bomb is).

These things are not brought into play unless somebody somewhere know something we do not. Think about it!!! I could go on with more examples. Enough said.

If you feel the same way please feel free to make contact. This is happening now.

Judge a person by the content of their character not by the colour of their Skin.

Kindest Regards To You All
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