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Default Re: The Real Mer ka Ba?

Originally Posted by Zenith View Post
Howdy Stardustaquarion,

But what if the merkaba of the planet isn't the wrong way around, or the sun
isn't in trouble, or if spinning the merkaba (in any direction) has nothing to do with how we die?
Is there really any hard science regarding these things?

I do wonder if perhaps both spin directions were needed, and upstairs simply
delivered two appropriate teachings

It's my understanding that the only thing stopping anyone doing anything
is the belief that it is impossible.

Well those are the questions, aren't they. You can not tell me for certain that it is the case and I can not tell you either that my perception is the only perception

I will love to be able to give "the" answer but the spiritual path is a personal one in which one has to re-conect with ones own spirit and find one's way into the higher awareness

There is of course the paradigm of the fallen ones and for them the merkaba of the planet is spining in the right direction. They also think that to take over a planet, to destroy its life, to vampirize its energy is fine because in their paradigm the end justify the means. In a sad way we are all a bit vampires here as we have to kill other beings to support our own life, its sad but true; we can golden the pill and say that Humans are supperior to other species and therefore we have the right to kill them and brutalize them but, who has given us that right? I don't call that normal myself. I don't think dead is normal at all

Both paradigms are valid, the difference is the final outcome. If we chose to align with the laws of the cosmos we expand and become more and more conscious. If we chose to align with the opposite path, we lose our conection to source and contract, become numb until it comes the point in which our conscioussness disintegrates into space dust

Saying that, Source love us all whether we are taking the path of acretion or the path of de-evolution. All is inside source so we will always have a place to call home.

There is a lot of information about merkaba, the fibonaci sequence and sacred symbols on this link
It is a long read but worth it, at least you will have one side of the story. Anyway I am told that these days there are free document readers in the internet so you can hear it as a sound file

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