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Default Re: Prometheus Initiative

Originally Posted by dddanieljjjamesss View Post
I see a lot of people on youtube trying to use the rodin coil to increase the electrical power and move a rod & axel, or spin a magnet or something, which from what it seems gives you a lot more power for a lot less, which is awesome as it is

but do you think anyone has tried getting it to spin itself?

i don't know what you would have to do with magnets or a way to do that in the water, but do you think it would have any effect? i think because the toroid would maintain its same shape, but increase its speed / vibration it may do something cool?

but i'm no scientist
Excellent question. Yes that is my ultimate goal, and it doesn't seem like anyone has been working on it. Because if the coil starts spinning, there will be an immediately direct energy amplification. And in terms of free energy, it can be exponential, especially when applied to a feedback loop, where it would reach some theoretical maximum speed that would only be limited by the friction within the environment/system.

I began working on a new concept today about how to make the rodin coil capacitor maybe work more effectively. I was thinking about the atom, and how the rodin coil represents the electron cloud, while the center should represent the nucleus which is positively charged.

I began thinking about an octahedron after someone mentioned to me that its possible to use a pyramid to step up voltage. I also remember a year back hearing that the Roswell craft had an octahedron in the center of it. I figured out how to wire an electromagnet octahedron that could represent the nucleus. I am working on it right now, about to wire this moment while watching The Prestige go figure haha. More later.
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