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Default Re: GOOD NEWS??? Bernanke says recession 'very likely over' LOL

"I heard a 'statement' today on a radio show (I think Hannity), that Obama has given himself a solid B+ for his efforts since being in office."

LOL Oh boy you missed it. Oprah did a "White House Christmas Special" That wasn't even the worst of what he said, the whole show was... It do you say it....artificial vomit. A pure slap in the face of any intelligence period. I didn't catch all of it, but what hit me hardest were these few, incredibly arrogant red-flag words. I can't remember exactly, but it went along these lines...

OBAMA, "Here in America, as the world's SOLE MILITARY SUPERPOWER, we have a duty to uphold justice where deemed necessary."

My first thought to that comment was, is there a BCS computer ranking for that? (For anyone that doesn't know, the BCS is a college football rating computer system)

My second thought was, did he just declare war with the world? The comment was so arrogant and abbrasive, I couldn't find any sense of it. For the leader of a free world, to make such a statement, made me sick to my stomach. He basically said to everyone,"you don't like us, come and get it." THIS GUY WANTS WAR MORE THAN BUSH, MORE THAN ANYONE, AND THE "PEOPLE FELL FOR THIS ENORMOUS HOAX."
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