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Default Re: Why I am gladly a Luciferian.

Originally Posted by capreycorn View Post
thanks for the interesting video.

what strikes me most is the statement that so far not a single great war has been started in the name of was always "for god".

-i never thought of it like that-

Than may be you don't know that religions are made for us to think and feel in the wrong directions and also in subtle different directions. The Jesuits, for instance are in command not only of the Vatican, but also of the Nation of Islam and the private army "The Fruit of Islam" and not only the Roman Catholic church, but also Protestantism, etc. And the Jesuits are Satanists.
They are behind every war. They pay both sites.

There is a story, that the war between the good angels and the bad angels (Ets?) last for millions of years and at last they made a compromise, that the bad angels could "have us", if we choose so, out of free will.
Well, there you have all the temptations and illusions of being cared for, (our sheep mentality, religions, etc.)
So everything is done for "good" and not for evel.
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