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Default Re: Prometheus Initiative

thetechguy, thanks again. By all means, post away. You are the exact type of individual I was looking for.

Are there any other type of devices that I could pick up at a store that has a decent transformer, maybe not as powerful, cause ya the 10 amps at that voltage scare me. I'd probably be just find with a half amp at that wattage, maybe even less. I could just go buy a microwave if need be, and thanks for the notion.

So about transformers, I really like the concept of using a rodin coil to make the transformer. I just need something iron or steel like that I can either bend such as ribar, or a metal washer. Now let's say the first circuit I ran it through ten windings, and the second circuit I only did once. The first circuit is carrying 100 volts at 1 amp, then the second circuit would be around 1k volts but most surely less than an amp due to leakage. The rodin coil transformer could really prevent leakage, I love the concept.

UPDATE NOTE: So I researched it myself, and realized I got it backwards. I have a DC frequency generator here at Tangos. If I set the duty cycle to 50%, would I be able to use a transformer on it do you know as you need a fluctuating current to transform the voltage?

What I want to initially prove is if I charge up the coil like a capacitor, will it rotate it keep rotating in the water? If so, then I have a concept in how I can utilize a spiraling wire geometry (cones) that goes in and out of the coil to power it. The negatively charged cone can have a magnet on the inside of it that can keep the capacitor charged. The question is how to keep the voltage up within the coil.

Also, if you can elaborate on the fly transformer you just mentioned that would be great. Otherwise I'm going to go research it right now.

Note: I forgot to post the pic of the finished coil which is now in my post above.

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