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Default Re: Westboro Baptist Church Heckled outside Twitter HQ

King Lear,

Blah blah blah. That's all I'm reading from you.

Any time someone uses the line "you liberals", I chuckle and think of Bill O'Reilly blowing his top whenever he disagrees with someone.

You obviously have some issues and I'd recommend that you take a moment to relax. The American media has spent years upon years demonizing liberals as being godless souls, baby killers and so forth.

What has religion ever done for humanity other than being a reason for people to kill each other in wars? Look at the Westboro Baptist Church. What have they done for humanity other than picketing soldier funerals and spewing their verbal diarrhea all over the media? What has the Pope done for humanity when he still advocates against birth control? What about Christian/Catholic missionaries that scold people in poorer countries and ensure that they remain ignorant about birth control (this one is easy: Christians need someone to send money to in order to alleviate their guilt)? The Crusades? The Holocaust? Zionists? Nation Of Islam? Orthodox Jews?

Seriously, what has religion done for humankind that has had a positive effect? You can argue for the community building on the local level but at the national level?

That is why we have no use for organized religion. Faith is something that should always be private. Can't say the same for sexual orientation but let me propose this to you: If you don't like it when gays kiss/hold hands in public, what about when heterosexuals do it? Are you opposed to the idea of straight men that cat-call at women in public or say derogatory things? Are they not affirming their heterosexuality by doing such things? What about Gay Pride parades? How are they different from say, a St.Patrick's Day parade where drunken Irish men and women (and wanna-bes as well) march out of pride for their heritage? What would you say about a white pride parade or the million man march?

There's so many more things I'd like to ask but I don't have the time nor the patience in the world to ask them. So far, it's been a waste of my energy to deal with you, King Lear.

Have a pint on me and relax.

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