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Default Re: Who are the Star Children and Adults??

Originally Posted by purpledove View Post
Sincronicity is amazing isn't it?
Thank you for sharing...

Silvery suits.. seemingly alive and so vibrant... sounds familiar too... did you by any chance see and insigna on the suit
I've also seen mine wear different "outfits" one of which is a cloack with hood Beautifull...
Unfortunately I didn't think to look for insignia. The clothing they were wearing were definitely cloak type garments.

I cannot claim to know about the two stars but it is thought to be...
VERY VERY interesting.
Yes! the South American cultures have have links to this Star System.
They are also responsible for crop circles...The Arcturians I mean...

Your syncronicities are telling you something... Pay attention

BTW, Arcturians are responsible for seeding life on Earth and throughout the Universe....
Well, If I wasn't paying attention before, believe me, I am really awake to this now!

Thanks Purpledove.


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