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Default Re: Who are the Star Children and Adults??

Oh my God I got such a rush of energy reading this...
you know the rush we get when Higher Self highlights or confirms something...
I am from such a Place. the landscape is pristine and there are temples carved into the mountainsides... glyph like symbols carved on the facades. inside the temple was like a fountain roman like architecture
all water holy.
I'm not religious but all water holy.
Isnt all water holy in heaven?
This place you speak of could be the same as I...
The planet of the Arcturians. It is home to the most ascended of beings...
Please watch this beautiful video and tell me if it sounds will know immediately!

Gorgeous video on the ARCTURIANS

Originally Posted by Jacqui D View Post

My other life is far away, millions of years away, these are the ones who connect to me and give me healing and are helping me now, i remember white marble halls and columns, i am very old but do not look old, i have long white hair and dress in white robes the people around me dress in these robes also. We are almost translucent and very bright we discuss issues regarding Earth's problems today and how we can help the transition.
This is where i have walked in from.
I do not know where this is but it is of a higher realm.
I have no name i am just light and energy here but we can transform into human likeness. we are human forms but ascended i feel.
I have a problem revealing these things because i know some struggle with the perception of life off planet and is this all in our heads, this is all very real to me and i would not doubt any other persons beliefs if it is real for them.
After all this life is only a illusion who can say what is real and what is not.
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