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Default Re: Who are the Star Children and Adults??

Hi Purpledove, i only have 2 strong memories including this life.
One was off planet i feel a strong connection to the Pleiades although very much like Earth climate was much more inviting not harsh weather and colours so vibrant it takes your breath away.
This life is in the future around 3,400 i was someone with standing in the community and i taught children the way of humanity.
I was married as such and had to children a boy and a girl.
We had a very long life here probably in the hundreds and i actually saw myself die in that life it was very sad i did not want to leave my family i was very happy there had a wonderful life wonderful parents when i was young and a wonderful husband.
Now i can not say whether i have lived that life or are going to because the time i was given was around 3,400 i know it is in the future but can not tell on this time line where this fits in.
We lived a simplistic life no money was needed and although my family/parents were important people we were treated equal and wished it that way because we loved our community.
I had my own secret garden which was cared for by someone and i would go along and tend the garden also when needed.
Now some may think i am completely ga ga but i had a unicorn, he was called golden star he had mark on his head just in front of his horn.
We do communicate even now, i was told my garden is being tended while i am away and golden star is missing me, when i say the name i want to cry because this is very real for me.
There are many animals on this planet some earth animals some indigenous to this planet.
It is a plush green land and my home.

My other life is far away, millions of years away, these are the ones who connect to me and give me healing and are helping me now, i remember white marble halls and columns, i am very old but do not look old, i have long white hair and dress in white robes the people around me dress in these robes also. We are almost translucent and very bright we discuss issues regarding Earth's problems today and how we can help the transition.
This is where i have walked in from.
I do not know where this is but it is of a higher realm.
I have no name i am just light and energy here but we can transform into human likeness. we are human forms but ascended i feel.
I have a problem revealing these things because i know some struggle with the perception of life off planet and is this all in our heads, this is all very real to me and i would not doubt any other persons beliefs if it is real for them.
After all this life is only a illusion who can say what is real and what is not.
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