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Default Re: Who are the Star Children and Adults??

I was personally visited by my Star Family last year and "awakened".
my experiences are so beyond beautiful and extraordinary.
I am still processing each and every day!
I was taken aboard lightships, into other worlds, inside of mountains, and a place under the ocean and even on other planet/s.

I understand it may be difficult for some to believe. If anyone had told me these things would happen to me I would have passed them off for being nuts.
These things are real!
I know there are many who have had experiences but are afraid to speak for fear of being ridiculed.

someone asks you "hey, what did you do last night?" how in the world do you respond "oh, I was aboard a light ship and was taken to another planet"

Difficult, right?? unless you really want to pass for a fruitloop

Well I was really really happy when the new First Lady of Japan publically announced she was taken aboard a UFO and brought to another planet.
She even wrote a book. I think Im going to look for a copy in english if it exists...
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