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Default Re: My Lucid ET Experiences : You be the judge...

saintsalmon - Not sure if you checked out Miriam Delicado's interview on PC but that one really resonated with me as far as how "they" (the ET's) tend to conduct themselves.

To start to understand who they might be and what their motivations are which might help lucid communication, I highly recommend reading the article linked below by Michael Salla called :

A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races A Typology of the Most Significant Extraterrestrial Races Interacting with Humanity

And remember, information exchanged there tends to have a sort of amplified effect. Meaning that even though you might have seen a catastrophe, it more then likely does not mean a world event(not to say that it doesn't happen, just not very commonly). Most of the times these types of messages are for us as individuals in some way.
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