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Default Re: When should disclosure happen

We may be reaching the point where open disclosure might not even convince the populous.

The only way disclosure will occur is when the "visitors" want it to. And with that measure...not to use a has already begun.

Great care must be taken when a vastly advanced society makes first contact with a more primitive one. I say primitive in the most complimentary way possible. Primitive is beautiful. Yet great care must be taken so that exactly what it is that makes the primitives so not utterly destroyed in the process.

This is the great quandry...the great dilemma. Can we survive contact? Can humans as a species (as wide and varied as we are) keep the beauty of human culture, when assailed with a seemingly superior one?

Being a student of history, I am painfully aware of instances on this planet where cultures were destroyed due to careless first contacts.

This is something to meditate deeply on.
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