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Default Re: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

Originally Posted by K626 View Post
Just doesn't happen to be true is all...I've been nothing but sceptical about the 'Anglo Saxon Mission' on PA2 and nobody has buss my door dowm yet.

I would not normally reply to a post like this.However since I'm here I will give you a rebuttal.

You say it does not happen to be true? Really? Please give more details.

Why then has PA2 been created and those to be there are those who are obsequious critters or have not discovered yet the false hoods?
Strange that you are at PA2 and I'm yet to receive my invite!

There was no need for a new forum this is fine and could have been adjusted instead of a new elites or poodle only club that wont argue the toss for fear of being booted.

So you have been sceptical about the "Anglo Saxon Mission" that's not quite the same as being critical of the hosts lack of discernibility.

Are you trying to gain favour and kudos by this post? It seems that way.

Try telling Bill that his continued support and promotion of this fraud and fantasist Bill Deagle for just one, is madness and that he needs to wake up from his slumber or stop taking his shilling which is more than likely, and see how long you will stay in PA2 or the very least be moded.

This is no different than politicians who are compromised by big business for taking their shilling! We think they are scum but somehow some folk seem to think they are immune, because they say they are seeking truth but if the truth is sought on them ohhhhhh that's a no no.

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