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Default Re: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

Originally Posted by Baron View Post
Hi Celine,

I'm only presuming that it will be closed permanently in the not to distant future, and from past experience of forums that stop all posting, and then close completely, and because of the way the notice was worded, that when its closed for posting then it will be up for awhile? Of course it costs $$$$$$ to keep it running! Why would Bill keep paying for it since he wants to get away from it?

He wants a site with no critic he can control from top to bottom...That's his prerogative of course.

Its powered by vbulletin and its not cheap.

Take a look at their website.

Just doesn't happen to be true is all...I've been nothing but sceptical about the 'Anglo Saxon Mission' on PA2 and nobody has buss my door dowm yet.
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