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Default Re: 2009 Delicado inteview

Originally Posted by NorthernSantuary View Post
I just finished hearing the interview. Beyond identifying the timeline, most of her focus is on preparation. She also mentioned that you should not distract yourself on people that are not spiritually aware, as it is getting too late.

Proper spiritual practice will keep you calm and integrate your awareness into your being. At this level, you won't forget that no one really dies in the sense of non-existence. After that, prepare if you want to be around to participate.

i haven't watched this interview yet but this is the exact same message i have received...i have tried to warn some people that just being "positive" around these negative or unaware people will not only have zero affect on their spiritual outcomes yet will only distract themselves and push them back into lower vibrating energy..

i am glad that more people are aware of this now so they can finally stop calling ME "negative"

because i am NOT NEGATIVE! hellooooooooooo! this is the REALITY now people!

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