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Default Re: The fall of tyranny

Originally Posted by Christo888 View Post
Dude your funny... (dude right?)

I'm tall, dark and handsome of course... but sorry I'm straight.
OK, I read the article as a courtesy reminds me of the new work with GDPs - redefining wealth into a more organic, fuller, interdependent model/'model', i.e. holistic GDPs. E.g. Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI), Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare (ISEW)(U.K.), etc.

Kind of androgynous you sound nice anyway, the nicest, lightest person I know!!! lol The hummingbirds, yeah that was interesting, so with the whatever-it-was. The experience of seeing red was different, [got that, "seeing red"] like a newly visible spectrum - it flickered then ... maybe it's a sort of red Thuban ...shuffle LOL Very light, beautiful, kind of searing in a brain tickling way.
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