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Default Re: The fall of tyranny

Originally Posted by no caste View Post
Christo888 - Off topic

Are you male or female? (don't have to say) First you were a guy in my mind, then a woman, then a guy again.

Anyway, love you!

Off topic, again so I was looking at a sparrow last week - or something with some red on its wee chest - and it just went incandescent red. for a moment.
Dude your funny... (dude right?)

I'm tall, dark and handsome of course... but sorry I'm straight.

The guy girl thing... interesting? I don't know... maybe I flirt too much with the ladies when I'm out and about. Or its a cusp thing... Or maybe its past life bleed through... haven't figured all those out either, don't know if I want too.

The sparrow turning red???? For real??? OK what's up with that, could you elaborate on the circumstances?

Have you experienced other momentary time flips/slips? That's what I call it anyway. Moments of deep thoughts and the moment stands still while you're deep in thought. And then when you snap out of it you wonder what you were thinking and then look back to see if you ran any red lights!!! A 'Time Jumper' in a momentary lucid state opens 'things' that maybe turns birds red.

I dunno... there's all kinds of cool things to activate. And you don't have to join any group or follow any teachings.

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