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Default Re: Big News ...Whos Winning !

Here we go again...

Sometimes I think you're a plant, and then it seems you might just be a vegetable.

A vegetable with a point: 'The scum media says: 'We're all stuck in the same ground here together with the shyte tipped over us by the overlords' - they suck'.

May as well revolt limply or just give up, if I got your gist. I'm not disagreeing totally, just don't know why you bother, Manch! Go to GLP, where they will pin your tail on the donkey.

It'll be a great day when this forum gets pulled down and I don't feel compelled to try to work out your tangled complexities, such is my sorry state.

Not to worry Mr manch, all things must pass, even our turgid overlords... and it's been a proper hoot, hasn't it?
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