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Default Re: Big News ...Whos Winning !

Originally Posted by mntruthseeker View Post
hmmm missed that as I do not watch fox news or for that matter any of the news

Now that makes me wonder why they would do something like that

here I go getting paranoid again. Fox news has their own agenda thats for sure.
Fox News has been embracing anti-NWO stuff lately. It was only a matter of time before they had someone like Jones on. Glen Beck has even been banging that drum lately although he and the rest of the hosts have steered clear of 911 material.

It's just there way of firing up the right and pointing the finger at the Democrats. It's their version of the Hegelian dialectic. The mainstream will always absorb alternative view points when they get enough exposure and twist them for their own motives. Look at what they've done with the environmental movement for example..
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