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Default Re: 2009 Delicado inteview

Thank you Sunflower... by the way Sunflowers are my favorite flowers!...

I beleive my own soul to be original Orion draco... in origin...I feel I came here a long time ago to experiance this amaizing oppertunity to learn in an Earth Human body... even if I stared out as a slave creator or a slave human before Atlantis.... but I have been here so long and learned so much... i love this entity Gia...Eath...she is my gaurdian and my home and has been for a long long time... I'm here for the ascention... which asscention I'm not sure yet... I'm sticking with the majority of my fellow humans... I'm going up or down with this ship... I know in my heart it's up... I hold out my hand to you and would be honoured if you takeit in yours and squeeze it tight when things get really scary or tough... Keep that fire blazing... Antonia
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