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Default Re: 2009 Delicado inteview

I agree with Steve.... I listined with heart and she gave some very sound insights about safety an GM seeds etc... but this thing about the ET's sitting round in ther ships judging who is deemed worthy of "salvation" , or spiritually enlightened sounds a bit like Annunaki gods of old sitting in thier ships above the Earth during the Noah Deluge deeming mankind beyond salvation yet changing thier minds when Noah had a Bar-BQ on mount Arrarat... What makes us mere Earth Humans "Spiritually enlightened"? in their eyes? I mean a guy who is kind and big hearted yet has not awakened to all that we on Avalon beleive we know and only believes in what he see's in front of him can be far more generous of sprit and compasionate then some of these so called "Spiritual ones".... Souds like Elitism to me and we al know were elitism has got us in the past ten thousand years. I certainly wouldn't want to jump aboard an ET craft with a bunch of ET's saying "Hey you can come but not you or you cos we don't think your spitiual enough "....sounds pretty self serving to me. I thought the basis of conquering our polarities and dualities here in 3d was to realise that we are all connected and all divine in the heart of the Prime Source... We are one... which means if the Planet, our home, our benevolent, guardian Gaia needs our energies to help her evolve... we cant abandon ship just because the going gets rough... nor should we abandon each other... There are some of who have come from different stars and planets to help this evolution which is not just going on, on Planet Earth and some souls who have been stuck here for a long time.... it was in thier contracts.... but the awakened ones have a chance of proving thier honour, valour and love for all creation (UNCONDITIONAL LOVE) towards the ones who have not yet woken up to the manipulation as well as the ones who are drawn to distructive polarities.... Just by switching on our chakra systems and anchoring the frequencies of life love and the prime source the christ light , Violet flame, Nexus wave, what ever you want to call it ..... that's our job and it shouldn't be a chore it should be what we desire to do... One for all and all for one..... What ever is in store we need to hold hands and take a deep breath and all jump together.... I know it sounds like wishfull thinking but sending out enought energy does change reality....
The secret is in our heart chakra's... our sacred blazing hearts... they have the power when burning at maxamim vilocity to transend the dimentions .... We just need tobeleieve it....
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