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Default Re: Undeground structures

Hi there tks for getting in the discussion i am generally looking for any help in this subject and open to other ideas. It has to be vertical shuft unfortunattelly. The exact depth can be changed offcourse, i have found a way around to do this project instead of digging by hand >>>>>>by drilling holes from the above ( by hand made drill ) the depth is gained by joining another bar ( the only problems is when hitting rock!!!!)

Lets assume it would be a vertical shuft with a squere base then one needs to drill 4 holes at each corner of the square by hand drilling from the top a real cheap way to do it as dip as You want. It can be done like 1 hole in a day, then You just have fill the hole with 4 bars of steal and concrete.
When the 4 columns will be done each after 28 days cos concrete needs these days for full strength. At home basis You can make up to 15 to 20 mega pascals of strenght of concrete

Then one can start digging the best way would be to produce a structure which would press column on side against columns on the other side so that tension would be equal on both ends. ( wooden blocks like those in the mines )

Lets assume we dig 5 metres deep so we need more then one third to still be in the ground lets say 2 metres more to make to columns strong in the ground

After we are at bottom we can remove the wood (like from one meter height) and fill the side with strong concrete a meter hight at a time till the top

Then the shaft will be done.

This offcourse in no instructions only thoughts abt the subjest, no one should ever try tu build it without a proper engineer. I am just looking for any helpfull advise,

best regards

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