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Default Undeground structures

Hello everyone

I have been googling a lot but still cant find anything right or not expansive to build a vertical shaft ( 10 metres deep) to a shelter . Most of the once i found on the internet either require machines to drill or are to expensive.
The best shape for a vertical shaft would be to a circle shape but then comes the problem how to fill the sides, the square is much easier but then it comes the same way how to make the sides able to absorb the pressure from the sides

i dont want to use wood as it would be bad after some time
the concrete is ok but then a problem occures when you want to make the shaft deeper and concrete weiths a lot by itself. The best way i guess would be to use sort of steel but then its very expansive and it should match exact shapes.

I cant start digging below 1,5 metres below the ground without securing the sides as the pressure of the ground is to high and can cause risk of life

The shaft would be best around 2 metres in diamatre.

If any of You know a cheap way of digging shaft or have any instructions or plans please post me

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