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Default Re: The truth, are the clues already there?

Originally Posted by islandman View Post
This is a thread to discuss the possible clues to the truth, that exist in our controlled popular culture both now and in the past.

We are all probably aware of the various symbols and methods of control, that exist in popular culture. But what if the truth was also presented in popular culture, by those who seek to control.

If such truths are in there, or at least if you believe they are, then this raises some important questions as to the true agenda of those who seek to control.

In looking for these clues we can look at various forms of popular culture
Films, TV Programs, Stories, Legends, The classics, Literary greats ect.

If you pick one, give a brief description of it, and then discuss why you think this may contain an element of truth in it. Also if you have any information to add about the authors or producers of these works, that could be helpful too.

I'll start off with "My Name Is Earl". This is a U.S television show which is made by 20th Century Fox for NBC. Its about a guy who was a petty crook, and he has a life changing experience in hospital where he learns about Karma. Then he makes a list of all the bad things he has done and basically goes around doing good deeds to make up for this to work off the bad karma he had built up.

I find it interesting that both 20th century fox and NBC who are supposed to be part of a grand plan to keep us down, would have a popular TV program that openly promotes an idea such as karma. Promoting Karma is hardly a useful tool to suppress people, I mean, it is fundamental to many, who believe our existence here is just part of a cycle of reincarnations to improve ourselves. If we were all to start thinking like that, you might have some kind of spiritual awakening on your hands, and what good would that be if your busy trying to rule the world?
The best movies that tells you how this is going to play out is I AM LEGION. LEGION MEANS THE ROMAN ARMY,vantage point and Napolean Dynomite. If you can understand the symbolism, it gives you the date and year this will occur.DEC 25 th 2008 it also helps to know esoteric christianityand the esoteric story of Osiris.

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