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Default Re: Pope Instructs His Flock To Embrace Their Alien Brothers and Sisters

Here are two pages from which might show why the Pope came out with these views

OUR SPECIAL GUEST just arrived back from a trip to the east, where he
had a personal conversation with the pope, Pope Benedict XVI. The pope
knows about OSG past missions. The pope was excited to hear details. OSG
originally had just 30 minutes to brief the pope, but that time ended up
being two (2) hours.

Pope Benedict XVI considered his meeting with OSG as a very special
birthday "present" [DOB: Saturday, April 16, 1927] during his 6-day stay
between Tuesday, April 15 when he touched down at Andrews AFB to his
departure on Sunday, April 20 from Kennedy International Airport in
Queens, NY.

OSG is alive and well. S/he/it was awed by his/her/its two (2)-hour
meeting with the pope. OSG has not spoken with any of the other popes.
However, Pope Benedict XVI specifically singled out OSG. The pope knew
of his/its interstellar journey and knew about his fellow comrades
stories regarding the cosmos. Although OSG and his crew never spoke with
a pope, they did have numerous contacts with REPRESENTATIVES of the
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