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Default Re: Free VST's for Home/Studio Music Recording

I see... Don't really know the meaning of "daft" (not a native english speaker), but I guess I know what You mean with it. It is not at the state of a corporate sponsored software, that's for sure, but I'm a "new" dog who also happens to be a big fan of, or should I say very much pro open source software.
I'm kinda interested in finding some good oss "free" software host, so I would appreciate your feedback on that.
I know that Ableton Live and FL Studio are good ones, and of course the one that's used in the professional studios which name I forgot, but I don't have the resources now; I don't even have good monitor speakers, yet.
It just has been my dream to make music since my early years- didn't really got the chance though to buy the needed equipment.
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