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Default Re: would a republic help us ?

As stated above, the "republic" is the establishment's baby. The Throne and it's backers want an Australian republic so that Australia can be merged into the Asia Pacific region to futher centralise power in "regionalism". That is APEC's (Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation) true purpose and that is why puppet governments of all stripes have fostered it over the decades.

Like new Europe, the sellout of Australian sovereignty is happening under the cover of "trade and security" agreements but will eventually come out of the closet as barriers to union are dissolved. One of those barriers is Australia's Constitution with it's ties to the British Crown.

Whether you love or hate the Monarchy is irrelevant. The longer Australians hold out against a new republic the longer APEC will NOT be able to overtly assimilate Australia. This is the one and only issue at stake.

Constitutionally, what Australia has now is far superior to anything the globalists are promising under the guise of republican "independence".

I'm not pretending that the success or failure of globalisation hinges on what Australia decides but if you're an Australian citizen and you're against an overt Global Dictatorship, Vote NO to an Australian republic.

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