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Default Re: Swineflu : The next wave

I think Jones is right on the spot.
The virus is most likely man-made with all the subsequent agendas as intent for doing so. The genetic make-up, the Mexican distribution pattern of the initial infection, the simultaneous appearances of unlikely recombinations in different parts of the world, all this is a smoking gun for manmade/intentional interference.
The danger now is that the resurrected 1918 strain has millions of infected people as human bio-labs to figure out some nasty mutated strain by natural recombination. It can jump into animals and use the DNA for its recombination, with no vaccine containing animal DNA required. These new recombination-strains can cause severe havoc.
That’s not fear mongering, but viro-logical reality, which Jones only mentions briefly in Part 1.
The very dangerous D225 mutation could not establish itself as the next dominant strain, actually – at present - there is NOT ANY dominant strain existing and there is no any new wave in sight.
So the 1918 strain is lurking within mankind: It will either peter out or come back with renewed vigour.
In any case, by following the guidelines of this thread, there is no threat.

Gnosis5: I do not recommend MMS on a regular basis. It’s only for an “emergency”, because it depletes the body of all the free radical ‘catchers’.

I follow this advice: “Do your best, and let GOD do the rest!”
This motto calls for a proper preparation…

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