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Default Re: Who is winning here?

One of the best books I have ever read is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.
It puts everything into perspective.
Yes the "bad" is getting worse but the "good" is becoming more powerful, its just quieter.
Many people have had enough of old way of looking at things and are looking seriously at spirituality for the first time.

They have got the new car, the house, the 1.4 children they have a reasonable life style get that is not giving them peace of mind and happiness, all the things that they thought they would get from working their butts off.

The ego which is the cause of all strife disharmony war etc is in its dying throes and dosent like the concept of the eternal moment Now. It needs time to create separation from that which gives us every breath. So we are going though birth pains as a new consciousness manifests.
Love love and then see what happens!! a Beren quote.
There is a lot on the "The Ego what is it? and how to transcend" thread, but best to take the time to read from page one if you feel drawn to go there.

All will be well.
Why worry
With Love
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