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Default Re: How long before you wake up? - Denninger

I have been thinking about a different perspective lately...We have had two factions and sometimes three factions on the planet fighting for dominion and control

This excludes humans and Beneficial beings because the do not intervene is that goes against the free will of the mayority of people

So these two factions that are fignting here are creating the economic chaos to hurt each other

I have even thought that the whole business about modified food has the same purpose, it is not so much to harm humans which are the serfs but to wack the other side

From that perspective I can make sense of the "random destruction" which is not really random, it is the result of two factions that hate each other to death and those are two very different groups of fallen angelics: the Annunaki on the one hand and the Reptilians on the other

We get wacked by both because we life in the "bliss" of ignorance and the only option we have now as things escalate is to wise up and be prepared . Additional we can exercise peaceful lawful rebelion

Just some thoughts
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