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Default Re: Why do Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy Disagree?

Anyone would think we were fantasising about break up of the Beatles here !

I have to agree with Mudra... it's all in your mind.

Fancy speculating about their personal relationship! Has Avalon become 'Hello' magazinge ?

The conjecture is all tittle-tattle.. at least two or three threads have sprung up skirting around a subject which it was asked to avoid debating (that relating to Kinsumei). it seems we just can't help ourselves...

It's a restlessness to know what you can't know... what you can never know.

So I say just Let it Be....

This is a free site, a free forum provided by Bill and Kerry and Camelot is also a free resource to use as you wish.

I am very grateful to them for providing these services. I don't have to agree with any of their actions or beliefs to be grateful.
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