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Default Re: Gluten: What you don't know might kill you

What a timely post, PilotSimone

An acquaintance who has been recovering for a few years from some serious issues just turned off gluten (completely) too. She's been doing better and better for one year - really great actually. But, what she noticed now in the last few weeks is her foot baths. They come out clear now. I guess the gluten etc seeps from the intestinal walls into the blood stream, causing all kinds of mucky trouble for organs, arteries and so on.

She also told me that grains in northern climates have higher gluten content than their original counterparts in ancient regions. It's a plant adaptation thing, so grains in North America are particularly bad health-wise for their high gluten content, though it's kind of neat from a plant point of view.

It rubs off on me. Got some bean flour muffins to do.

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