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Default Re: Food For Thought

Athena , In april 2003 mens health magazine I kept a copy of the article called the devil's candy. It was all about HFCS or High Fructose Corn Syrup. Here are some statements from that article.
HFCS is making america fat- it shuts off the switches in your body that control appetite-is more easily turned into fat than any other carbohydrate.

Consider this , in 1970 americans ate about 1/2 pound of HFCS, by 1997 per year an average american is consuming 62 1/2 lbs a year.

HFCS is different than other sugars that are natural in friut and honey, Corn syrup is primarily made up of sugar called glucose, which can be burned up as an immediate source of energy, but corn syrup isn't as sweet as sugar. Thats why they came up with High fructose. Basically it's a chemically altered sugar that makes your food last on the shelf 30% longer.

The bad thing about HFCS is that say you drank a 6 pack of mountain dew soda, since the HFCS blocks the trigger for your body to start burning the pop will just sit there . Same goes for if you eat a hamburger and consume HFCS. Unless your cooking with natural raw ingredients it's very tough to not consume HFCS. You'll probably get sick after you go to the store and start reading all the labels that have this in it. This stuff is bad, bad, bad.

Thanks for the heads up Athena, great info . Hope this helps too.
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