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Everybody thinks they're a 'good guy'... Peggy Kane has words on a thread here somewhere on George Green... look for it.

My take is that "whistleblowers' that led lives on the "inside" are more particularly programmed than the average 'joe (the average, normal person is fairly programmed, including self)... and we all exempt ourselves... w/passion.

Mr Green is distracted in more important matters me guesses...
eyeballs rolling, what do I know for sure... just piping in... things such as this are problematic... but airing it here is probably not appropriate, but I hear you! We all get hasty sometimes wanting answers, wanting to hold people accountable in some manner. And the avenues are practically non-existent.

I saw a tabloid the other day locally... has postings of people w/photos along w/their convictions; that's the purpose of the tabloid... costs a dollar to buy it, can you believe that someone would purchase such a thing?...... "Hello, mr/ms so and so, excuse me a moment, I have to check the latest tabloid...." as if that proves anything.
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