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Default Re: Alien Medical Team - Extraterrestrial (ET) Healing

You're welcome.
These 2 guys are not the only ones.

I have been a UFO researcher for over 15 years and at first I was into physical UFOs and abduction stories, then I started to notice how the EBEs are actually seemingly all over the place. At first I thought they were 'scientifically advanced', now it seems that science is not the correct word. They use what is natural, they simply use what is natural (nature), they are mostly spirits that can leave their physical vessel and travel in orb form. These bodies or vessels can be repaired or replaced all together.

Science is our attempt at understanding nature, nature here is the actual goal.. science as we know it does not explain nature a 100%. So it is not far fetched that they can accomplish many scientifically advanced things, that are actually not 'scientific' in nature, just natural.

Then I found that these EBEs use telepathy to communicate with people who have so called psychic abilities, that's the case with the 2 men mentioned in my previous comment, these men are telepathic and psychic... That's how they were able to communicate with these alien doctors.

Do you know of anyone else that works with alien medical teams or communicates with them telepathically ?

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