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Default Re: SeaWorld Trainer killed by Orca

Originally Posted by Clarityofawareness View Post
I've heard that this same whale was also responsible for killing a guy up north almost or maybe a decade ago? I guess the guy was a drifter and decided to craw into the whales tank one night? Also heard that the guy wasn't just "high" on life either.
One death also was a trainer. AND - another guy.

Former B.C. whale Tilikum linked to three deaths, including two at SeaWorld Orlando

Annelise Sorg, spokesperson for No Whales in Captivity, told the Georgia Straight by phone that her organization raised the alarm after Keltie Byrne, 20, died in 1991 after ending up in the whale pool at Sealand of the Pacific in Oak Bay.... In 1999, a 27-year-old man was found dead draped over Tilikum's back after he snuck into the SeaWorld pen to swim with whales.

I guess they're not called killer whales for nothing. But the article does say that with the first trainer in 1991, the orcas may have thought she was a friend orca.

According to Sorg, Byrne tried to get out of the tank, and the whales grabbed her and pulled her back in with their teeth. She added that when her body was recovered, there were no teeth marks, indicating how gently the whales had handled her.

"They would try to swim with her," she said. "They would squish her between two whales, like they would do to an injured whale. They drowned her. It took two hours to get the body out."
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